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Provide finance to support the growth of young, innovative businesses in the Leather sector

The Leather industry, thanks to the production of leather goods and footwear in particular, has long contributed to France’s reputation around the world, the embodiment of France’s finest products. But it is not only a question of image, powerfully driven by the leading luxury houses; the French leather sector is also an important economic force. It consists of 9 400 companies, generates 25 billion euros of turnover and has nearly 130 000 employees.

More than ever, the automation generated by technology, the digital transformation, customization, environmental sustainability, the principle of transparency and the circular economy of models, plus marketing and communication are major agents for change.

It is with this in mind, to dynamize the sector and prepare it for tomorrow’s big challenges, that CUIR INVEST wishes to offer financial support to the visionary entrepreneurs that are shaping the future.

CUIR INVEST is an investment fund created to offer long-term support to the most promising young innovative businesses in the sector, while respecting the values that drive us.